B.J. Miller

Front End Web Developer

Some Projects I've Worked On

iSchool Website Redesign

UW Information School Site Redesign


  • Completely re-build and re-design the current iSchool website from the ground up.
  • Create a clean and accessible interface that is cross-browser and cross-platform.
  • Use many CSS3 and HTML5 improvements as well as responsive design techniques to provide a well formatted and usable site on any screen and any device. Go ahead and resize the browser or take a look on your phone or tablet!


  • Majority of the front-end development including the CSS, markup, and JavaScript authoring as well as writing custome templates for our custom Drupal theme.
  • Meeting with the design and content team to help develop the site structure as well as the user interaction design.
  • Back-end management of the CMS including building Content Types and work on custom in-house modules.

iSchool Emergency Website

UW iSchool Emergency Website


  • Create an accessible, organized web-based system to present important emergency information and alerts to the iSchool community.
  • Provide a back-end environment for emergency response personnel to communicate, organize, administer emergency procedures, and broadcast emergency alerts.


  • Worked with one other developer to build entire site using Drupal 6 as a CMS.
  • Heavily customized the CMS with a custom theme and contributed module plugins.
  • Created detailed documentation for both the front-end (site users) and back-end (developers and maintainers) including step-by-step tutorials and screencasts.
  • Hands-on training and practice drills with faculty and staff members to familiarize them with the administrative side of the system.
  • Continued maintenance and bug fixes as the site gets used more by the iSchool community for drills and low-severity emergencies.

SmallPlanet Design



  • Built entire website including all markup and CSS from an established design.
  • Implemented and heavily customized Zenphoto gallery CMS for client to manage and update ‘samples’ gallery including customization of back-end system using PHP.

Stottlemyer Design Project

StottlemyerDesign.com Portfolio Page (No Longer Live)


  • Build portfolio gallery from design direction.
  • implement and customize a lightbox for full-view of items.
  • Build a back-end uploading system to update the gallery with new content.

Detectives Project

Detectives of the 50's (School Project)


  • Present research and findings for a term project in an engaging and organized manner.
  • Creatively display media in a themed environment to immerse viewer in the topic.
  • Experiment with some different design techniques.


  • Design, development, of entire site including all markup and scripts.
  • Production of all content (except where cited).

Note: Due to a short timeline and other project deadlines, thorough cross-browser support was neglected. The site is best viewed in Google Chrome on Windows 7.

Here's Some Projects I've Done for Fun

Random Wallpaper Geerator

Random Wallpaper Generator


  • Experiment with HTML5 canvas as well as some CSS3.
  • Programatically gnerate completely unique and interesting images with many different styles and settings.
  • Create an app that others can use to create images for use in various applications such as desktop wallpapers.