B.J. Miller

Front End Web Developer


Portrait Hi there, my name is B.J. Miller and I'm a web developer currently living in Seattle Washington. I recently graduated from the University of Washington where I studied Communications with a focus on Communication Technology and Society. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I love going for hikes, camping, and spending as much time as I can being surrounded by all of the amazing scenery the area has to offer. I also enjoy taking photographs and will be adding a gallery of some of my favorite photos on this site soon.

When I'm not out on adventures and enjoying nature, I spend a lot of my time on the internet and practicing my web development skills. I consider myself a front-end developer because I have a strong passion for working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create clean and elegant user experiences. I have been working and experimenting with front-end development for about 7 years now and love how the field is constantly evolving with exciting new technologies. That being said, I also enjoy back-end development and working with CMS's such as Drupal. I currently do most of my back-end work with PHP, but plan on teaching myself Ruby on Rails when I get some free time for some late-night coding sessions. I enjoy doing freelance projects whenever I have the time for it (feel free to contact me if you have any projects).